Policy advice on further needs

Preparing policy advise on further needs

Roadmap Biorefinery

IEA Headquarters was planning to set-up and perform a Project (Roadmap) on Sustainable Biomass Valorisation by the Biorefining Approach. Task42 was expected to participate in this initiative, to be further specified during this 2013-2015 triennium. No activities yet.

Coordination: NL – René van Ree (rene.vanree@wur.nl)

Biorefinery (related) policies in participating countries

An assessment will be made on biorefinery-related policies in the in Task42 participating countries. All country representatives will prepare a short-overview of the situation in their specific countries. These overviews will be integrated, extended by policies at EC, U.S., ... levels, compared and analysed, and distributed to GOs in the participating countries. This activity will be finalised by organising an international workshop on the findings of these policy assessments, and to discuss how to proceed with biorefinery-related policy development and implementation at national and international levels. Start and finalisation of this activity is 2015.

Coordination: to be decided

Country reporting

During this triennium al participating countries will prepare country reports on the status and developments of biorefineries within their respective countries. At the 14th Task Progress Meeting in Graz (23-25/10/13) it was decided that every participating country has to prepare one country report in ppt-format within this 2013-2015 triennium. After preparation in 2014, the reports will be placed on the internet-site, will be upgraded whenever possible, and will be used for knowledge dissemination at national and international events.    

Coordination: NL – René van Ree (rene.vanree@wur.nl)