Training activities

European Training School on Biorefining

A one day Biorefinery Training Course was developed together with EC FP6 project BIOSYNERGY, and given as part of the RRB5 Conference in Ghent, Belgium on 12 June 2009. This course was further improved in cooperation with EC FP7 project BIOREF-INTEG, and was given as part of the International Biomass Valorisation Congress on 13 September 2010 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A four day Training Course/Summer School was developed together with INRA (F), and successfully given in Paris, France from 280811 – 010911. The presentations of this course are available at the Task42 web-site. A filmed version of the course is also available, and will be placed on the Task42 website asap. A four day Training Course was given from 29 October – 1 November 2012 in Wageningen, the Netherlands.


In the 2013-2015 triennium the Biorefining Training Course will be further developed and updated, and it will be organised minimally once a year in one of the partnering countries. The lectures of the training school will also be made available by the web for teaching purposes outside the EC. The organisation of a Training Course (TC) in Ireland did not work out this year. So no TC was organised in 2013.

The 3rd European Biorefining Training School will now be organised within the framework of the EU FP7 Climate KIC Initiative by Wageningen UR, INRA, NTUA and a Hungarian partner, in Budapest, Hungary, 7-10 July 2014. Task42 will use this event as dissemination opportunity by providing minimally 2 lectures / training modules..  

Coordination: NL – René van Ree (