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  • Akzo Nobel (The Netherlands)
  • AVEBE: Global starch company developing starch based solutions for food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries
  • Biomass Technology Group BTG (The Netherlands): Company of consultants, researchers and engineers specialised in the sustainable energy production from biomass and waste
  • Cindu (The Netherlands): Refining and processing of crude coal tar into high quality products
  • Cosun (The Netherlands): Producer of natural ingredients and foodstuffs
  • CSM (The Netherlands): The world's largest bakery supplier; global leader in the market for lactic acid and derivatives
  • Delta (The Netherlands): The fourth largest utility company in the Netherlands
  • Deltalinqs (The Netherlands): Ports and industries' association Rotterdam
  • DSM (The Netherlands): Active in nutritional and pharma ingredients, performance materials and industrial chemicals
  • Energy Valley (The Netherlands): Joint Dutch initiative of northern governments, (knowledge) institutions and businesses for the support of the energy economy
  • Essent (The Netherlands): Dutch energy company
  • Heineken (The Netherlands): One of the world leading international brewers
  • Meneba (The Netherlands): Supplier of high-quality grain derived products for processing in food and non-food applications
  • Nedalco (The Netherlands): Leading producer of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) of agricultural origin in Europe
  • Netherlands refining company NEREFCO (The Netherlands): One of the largest crude oil refineries in Europe
  • NUON (The Netherlands): International group active in the generation, marketing, sale and distribution of electricity, gas and heat, as well as related products and services
  • Purac (The Netherlands): The world's largest producer of natural lactic acid, lactates, gluconates, lactitol, xylitol, lactides and polylactides
  • Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands): The official site of the Rotterdam port and industry complex
  • Shell Global Solutions: Cutting-edge consultancy and technology services to petrochemical and processing industries
  • Shell Chemicals: Focus on the production of bulk petrochemicals and their delivery to large industrial customers
  • VNP (The Netherlands): The Dutch paper and board association

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