New country report The Netherlands 2014 available online


Country report United States 2014 available

Published on
November 28, 2014

One of the major Activities of Task 42 is the annual preparation of country specific reports on Biorefinery Mapping and Biorefinery-related RTD programmes – so called “Country Reports” – to help national governments to define their national biorefinery policy goals and related funding programmes.

The Country Report United States was recently released by the U.S Department of Energy.

In this report, the following subjects for the United States are outlined:

  • U.S. Primary Energy Consumption
  • Biomass use for Energy and Non-Energetic Applications
  • Biomass Related National Policy Issues
  • Biomass Related Sustainability Aspects
  • Running Commercial Biorefineries
  • Biorefinery Demonstration and Pilot Plants
  • Major Research, Development, and Deployment Successes
  • Major National Stakeholders Involved in Biorefining