IEA Bioenergy – with an annual budget of over 2 MUS$ (2010), established more than 30 years ago – is one of a number of Implementing Agreements (IAs) established by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

IAs operate within an institutional structure and contribute to both the IEA technology collaboration programme and national programmes of the contracting parties (AUS, AT, BEL, BRA, CAN, CRO, DEN, EC, FIN, FRA, GER, IRE, IT, JP, NL, NZ, NOR, SA, SWE, SUI, TUR, UK, USA).

IEA Bioenergy’s mission is to facilitate the commercialisation and market deployment of environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and cost competitive bioenergy systems and technologies, and to advice policy and industrial decision makers accordingly. This is being done by providing platforms for international co-operation and information exchange in bioenergy research, development, demonstration, and deployment. The activities of IEA Bioenergy are organised in 12 Tasks:

  • Biomass feedstocks for energy markets (task 43)
  • Energy recovery from solid waste management (task 36)
  • Combustion and cofiring (task 32)
  • Thermal gasification (task 33)
  • Pyrolysis (task 34)
  • Biogas and landfill gas (task 37)
  • Liquid biofuels (task 39)

Assessment based Tasks:

  • Socio-economic drivers (task 29)
  • AMF co-operation (task 41)
  • Sustainable international biomass trade (task 41)
  • Greenhouse gas balances (task 38)

IEA Bioenergy Task42 Biorefining

Task 42 Biorefinery is dealing with both raw materials, conversion processes and products within a Full Sustainable Value Chain Approach, and therefore plays a crucial role within the activity portfolio of IEA Bioenergy – the foundation to build the future Bio-based Economy.

Biorefinery – the foundation to build the future Bio-based Economy
Biorefinery – the foundation to build the future Bio-based Economy

Currently 11 countries are participating in Task42 , viz.: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands (coordination), New Zealand and United States of America. The representing organisations and national contacts can be found in the table under country representatives.