New Biorefinery Fact sheets available

Published on
April 7, 2016

To make clear the development status and the perspectives for implementation and development of biorefineries the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 “Biorefining” developed a “Biorefinery Fact Sheet” for the uniform description of the key facts of a biorefinery.

Based on a technical description and the classification scheme the mass and energy balance is calculated for the most reasonable production capacity for each of the selected biorefineries. Then the three dimensions – economic, environmental and social - of sustainability are assessed for each biorefinery and documented in a compact form in the “Biorefinery Fact Sheet” by using the following methodologies:

  • Economic assessment with Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • Environmental assessment with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Social assessment with Social Life Cycle Assessment (sLCA) and
  • Overall assessment with Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)

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